Alexander Schmorell: Meeting with Harald Dohrn

To the remonstrance that Christoph Probst’s father-in-law Mr. Dohrn was repeatedly at Hans Scholl’s [apartment] while I was there: I can say that I recall that I met Mr. Dohrn twice in Eickemeyer’s studio. Christoph Probst likely introduced him there. During the meeting, I could tell that Mr. Dohrn had the same literary interests as Hans Scholl. It is possible that political matters were discussed on this occasion.

As far as I know, Dohrn is very religious [Note 1] and championed the interests of the Church in his conversations. But I cannot recall what Dohrn said regarding his attitudes to the current State. I can state for a fact that he had not been initiated into our illegal activity.


Note 1: Konfessionell. That is, he represented the interests of the Catholic church, not religion in general.

Editor’s note: Alexander Schmorell was not present at this meeting, so this would have been hearsay (assuredly from Hans Scholl). However, he was present at other times when Harald Dohrn and Hans Scholl interacted; and, because of Alexander Schmorell’s long friendship with Christoph Probst, he would have known Dohrn well. This testimony is therefore believable.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 30, 1943 interrogation

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