Leaflet V mailed in Stuttgart

I took the letters that were designated for Stuttgart – between 600 – 700 pieces – to Stuttgart myself and mailed them there. I left on Wednesday, January 27, 1943 at 4:30 pm on an express train and arrived in Stuttgart’s main train station at 7:55 pm.

I carried the leaflets in a small suitcase. All the letters were already stamped for local delivery. The evening of January 27, 1943, that is as soon as I arrived, I mailed not quite half the leaflets in mailboxes at the train station and in South Stuttgart. I mailed the remainder in mailboxes in the suburbs of Stuttgart over the course of the day on January 28, 1943.

I spent the night of January 27/28, 1943 in the 2nd or 3rd class waiting room [of the train station]. I did not spend the night anywhere.

[Beginning here, the text is crossed out with a diagonal, thick black line.]  The return trip to Munich took place on January 28, 1943 at 11:25 pm. I arrived in Munich on January 29, 1943 at 3:05 am. Since the streetcars do not run at that hour, I had to walk all the way home.


Ed. note: This ‘testimony’ covers for Hans and Susanne Hirzel. Sophie had traveled to Ulm on January 25, and the Hirzels had taken care of Stuttgart from that time forward.


Source: Second interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 19, 1943

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