Hans Scholl initial version of scattering operation

To me One night at the end of January 1943 – and at the moment, I do not recall exactly when this was – I distributed around 5000 leaflets “Call to all Germans” in downtown Munich. Once again, no one helped me do this.

I kept these leaflets in the suitcase that I had with me today, and in my briefcase. I began setting out the leaflets in Schwabing – I don’t remember which streets – around 11 pm. I took an indirect route via Schelling Street and Theresien Street, heading towards Maximiliansplatz, then on to Ritter-Von-Epp-Platz, Kaufinger Street, Stachus, train station, then Kaufinger Street, back again, Marienplatz, the area around Sendlingertorplatz, the side streets that fan out from Sendlingertorplatz, down to Kanal Street, and gradually back to Ludwig Street and Kaulbach Street to Schwabing.

My sister knew nothing of this nightly leaflet distribution, because I pretended to have night duty at the Women’s Clinic. I acted completely alone in the production and distribution of leaflets because I believed I was safest if I acted alone.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

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