Oskar Wirth hands in leaflet

Department Head I.

Stuttgart, January 28, 1943

I. Note:

Colonel Oskar Wirth (Retired) in Stuttgart N., Hauptmannsreute 2, Telephone 27515, brought the enclosed leaflet together with its envelope to me today. He stated thereto that he had no connection with reference to the person who sent this. The envelope contained 2 identical copies of the leaflet. He handed over 1 copy to the administrative director of the Gau, [Mr.] Kress of the National Socialist KOV at his wish. He [Wirth] was once active there in an emeritus capacity.

II. Js. No. against NN for high treason.

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Stamp: State Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court, January 28, 1943, [Illegible] 15 [Illegible] 12/43/ [Note 1]


Note 1: The remainder of the stamps and handwritten notes on this page are largely illegible.


Source: NJ1704 (107)

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