Scattering operation, denunciation 28 January 1943

In the meantime, a female student who lives in Munich has come forward. She saw one of the perpetrators distributing leaflets in the courtyard of her landlady’s [house] located at Kaulbach Str. 24, the evening of January 28, 1943 around 11 pm. She was able to give a relatively good description of this person. [Note 1]


Around 40 years old, 1.7 m tall [5’7”], narrow to square and smallish round head, indolent demeanor. He likely wore a dark suit with long pants, light to mouse-gray gabardine coat – Raglan cut – and carried a briefcase in which he secured the leaflets. [Note 2] This description was immediately circulated among the War-Time Search [Parties] of Southern Germany as supplement to the general search description noted above.


Note 1: This text was given extra special emphasis in the prosecutor’s file.

Note 2: As of February 1, 2013, this person has not been identified, though from the description it could have been Wilhelm Geyer, Harald Dohrn, Josef Söhngen, or Manfred Eickemeyer.


Source: ZC13267, Trenker’s memorandum dated 5 February 1943

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