Scattering operation

Earlier when we were just talking [Note 1], I may have commented that I and my brother jointly undertook the leaflet operation the night of January 28/29 which resulted in the scattering of around 2000 leaflets. I must now admit that this is incorrect. The night of [January] 28/29, I was on the way to Munich from Stuttgart.

My brother and Schmorell carried out the distribution or scattering of leaflets in Munich. I have been advised that they began distributing [the leaflets] around 11 pm on January 28, 1943 and by shortly before 4 am had succeeded in scattering about 2000 leaflets. My brother allegedly distributed leaflets north of the train station, while Schmorell worked the southern part of the city.


Note 1: That is, not part of the official interrogation.


Source: Second interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 19, 1943

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