The scattering operation

… also, the following night Scholl, Schmorell, and I scattered the leaflets on the streets of Munich.

Already the same evening that we were running off these leaflets mentioned above in Scholl’s apartment, Hans Scholl told me that these leaflets were to be distributed in Munich the next night and that I should help. I agreed and met him as appointed on January 28, 1943 around 11 pm in Scholl’s apartment, where the Scholl siblings and Schmorell were already present.

Hans Scholl gave me a briefcase that was filled with leaflets and the instructions to distribute the leaflets in the area around Sendlingertorplatz. Specific streets were not named. Today I am no longer able to name the individual streets in which I scattered the leaflets.

If I recall correctly, I primarily covered the region towards the Isar, Müller Street, Thalkirchner Street, etc. while scattering leaflets. I do not know exactly in which regions Hans Scholl and Schmorell scattered the leaflets, but I assume that it was downtown.

Now that I have been shown a map of the city in which the total scatter operation is marked with colored pins, I admit that I scattered leaflets that night in the section of the city from Sendlingertorplatz in a southerly or southeasterly direction. I also remember that I placed larger quantities of leaflets on so-called Splitterschutzsockel [Note 6] and mailboxes. The entire time that I was scattering leaflets, I felt like I was not being observed.

As mentioned above, we met around 11 pm at Scholl’s apartment, where we immediately got underway. From the corner of Franz-Joseph Street and Ludwig Street, I boarded a streetcar, either Line 3 or 23 and traveled to Odeonsplatz. From there, I crossed Marienplatz to Sendlingertorplatz. I put out or scattered the first leaflets on Müller Street, towards the Isar.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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