Draft of seventh leaflet (indictment)

At the beginning of 1943, the accused Hans Scholl challenged his friend – the accused Probst – to write down his thoughts about current events. Scholl had spoken his mind about political matters with Probst for a long time. Probst then sent him a draft [Note 1] that undoubtedly was to be duplicated and distributed, though indeed this never took place. …

The accused Probst frequently visited the Scholl siblings and shared their opinions. At the request of the accused Hans Scholl, he wrote the above-mentioned draft of his position on the political aspects of current events. Of course he claims that he did not know that Scholl would use that draft for a leaflet, but admitted that it was not unclear [Note 2] to him that [the document] could [be perceived] as illegal propaganda.


Note 1: This part of the indictment reflects the inaccuracies that arose from the hurried prosecution of Christoph Probst and the Scholls. Christoph Probst handed over the leaflet on the occasion of a trip to Munich.-Ed.

Note 2: Clumsy grammatical construction “not unclear” is from the original document.


Source: February 21, 1943 indictment

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