Additional leaflets and movements

I had nothing to do with the document I was just shown, Victory at Any Price. I will also say that I have heard nothing concerning the production and distribution of this leaflet. I would admit it had I produced and distributed this leaflet.

The same is true of the leaflet I was just shown, January 30, 1933 – 10 Years of National Socialism! – January 30, 1943 [Note 1]. I knew nothing of the existence of this leaflet. I do not have any connections to the Bavarian Motor Works [BMW], I was never in their offices, and I know none of their workers or employees.

… During some conversation or the other, I learned that the sermons of the bishop in Münster, Count von Galen, had been duplicated and distributed. I can no longer recall what the occasion was or when I heard of this. But I never saw a copy of this document.

When asked, I will expressly state that except for the graffiti and propaganda operations to which I have already confessed, I did not carry out any others. I never affixed any sort of notices to placards and similar items.

I have heard nothing of the “V Propaganda” [Note 2] that has allegedly taken place in Munich and have no connection at all to it.


Note 1: The day that Hitler came to power – the date of the defeat at Stalingrad.

Note 2: No explanation given. Possibly refers to above paragraph, since “notices” is Vermerken in the original.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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