Alexander Schmorell and the template

During the first few days in February 1943, I told Schmorell that now we would make propaganda by writing slogans. I commissioned him to create a template with the text Down with Hitler, also with a crossed-out swastika.

Schmorell created the template in his residence. I myself was not present. I only know about this, because he told me.

Schmorell also procured paint and paint brushes. I do not know where he purchased these items. I never asked him.

The idea that a professional created the template in question is simply incorrect. Schmorell is a very good craftsman and he most certainly created this template himself.

For the time being, we had no intentions of making other templates with similar texts.


Editor’s note: Despite Hans Scholl’s statement here that this took place in February, it is more likely that Alexander Schmorell made the template (out of aluminum) in January. Otherwise it would not have been ready to go by February 3.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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