BMW leaflet investigation

In the meantime, the following determinations have been made regarding the leaflet “January 30, 1933 – January 30, 1943” [Note 1]:

The envelopes used – so-called window envelopes – are manufactured exclusively by G[eorg] Steibl Company, Munich, Sand Str. 21-24. The last delivery of that type of envelope to the BMW Company took place on January 22, 1943. Inquiries about transport, delivery, etc., have been initiated.

The paper used for these inflammatory documents was an absorbent wood-pulp paper of lower quality. All paper mills manufacture this kind of paper for use as typewriter and duplicating paper. BMW started using this kind of paper one year ago. There are no remnants [of the paper stock] remaining. Plant I Munich and Plant II Munich-Allach are delivered paper goods and envelopes from the central offices at Plant I Munich. However, it is possible that the larger operational divisions purchase their own supplies which are not delivered to central stock. These kinds of purchases are only reported to the purchasing department and registered. If operational divisions retrieve paper goods from stock, it is delivered in exchange for a delivery voucher that must be signed by the Division Manager. Small quantities of paper and envelopes are not delivered. In general, divisions place orders from stock in quantities up to 1,000 pieces. It is certainly possible that e.g. 50 envelopes could be used by an employee without anyone’s noticing.

An order has been given for an inspection of all typewriters used by BMW (approximately 1100 units). The type is to be tested under some pretense or another. These will then be made available to be analyzed. Using the same criterion, the duplicating machines [at BMW] are to be tested by creating stencils from the typewriters associated with each machine.

An expert has been provided for the crime labs of the State Police Headquarters in Munich and of the city police department.

Please inform me if reports have been filed regarding other places where leaflets of this sort have been confiscated.


Note 1: Date Hitler came to power – to – date of defeat at Stalingrad.

Note 2: Dated January 31, 1943 instead of investigation date, because this describes the leaflets that were published. Dating January 31 puts these leaflets into the White Rose timeline.


Source: ZC13267, Schaefer’s February 11, 1943 memorandum

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