Considerations for a graffiti campaign

In the course of our propagandistic activity, we have principally focused our recent thoughts on preparing leaflets that are directed at the student body. We believed that the majority of students are revolutionary and easily enthused, and above all that they dare to risk an undertaking [like this].

When I speak of “revolutionary” in this context, that should not be understood to mean that the student body wishes to revolt against the current regime. That is simply not the case.

In any case, when my brother and I were contemplating these things, I suggested that inscriptions should be painted on the university and surrounding [buildings]. These inscriptions would demonstrate that there were forces at work against the current regime.

I did not make any suggestions regarding what these inscriptions should be.

My brother responded to my suggestion by saying that we needed to stick to the distribution of the leaflets for now, wait to see if they had any effect, and then see what we would do from then on. But my brother casually noted that if one wished to paint inscriptions like that, one would first have to procure the paint, which would be difficult since paint is hard to come by these days.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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