Probst hands over leaflet

One day, I [Hans Scholl] suggested to him [Christoph Probst] that he should put his thoughts about current events in writing for me. This was after New Year’s 1942/43 when Probst was visiting me in Munich. We talked about this possibility at that time, namely in my apartment.

Schmorel [sic], I, and Probst have comprised a circle of friends for years now. Schmorel [sic] was not present at this last meeting. He knows nothing of this entire matter.

With regards to political matters, I exercised influence on Probst. Without my influence, he undoubtedly would never have reached these conclusions.

I have withheld this acknowledgment for so long because Probst’s wife is currently confined to bed with puerperal fever following the birth of their third child. He told me this himself, namely the last time that we met.

I must say that I commissioned Probst to put his thoughts in writing a while ago. The last time we met – at the beginning of January 1943 – he gave me the piece of paper that I tore up today. I must expressly note that I said nothing to Probst about using his written notes for producing leaflets.


Note: There is no evidence to support a specific date that Hans Scholl would have asked Christoph Probst to write a leaflet. Therefore this information is included on the date that Christoph Probst handed the leaflet over to Hans Scholl, not on a prior date.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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