Hans Scholl re letter from Traute Lafrenz

After being shown the last paragraph in a letter from Traude Lafrenz, now residing in Munich, Steinsdorf Str. 7, c/o Gmeling, I will give the following explanation:

I do not know what she meant by F.s. It certainly had nothing to do with an organization or anything like that. Lafrenz is of no consequence at all to me. I did not care in the least what she meant by “stupid people” and “truly smart”. She herself can likely give the best explanation of that matter.


Editor’s note: Date is unknown. Used February 1, 1943 because Hans Scholl still had a copy of the letter on February 18. – We asked Traute Lafrenz if she could remember anything about this letter, including the meaning of “F.s.”, and she could not.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fifth interrogation, February 21, 1943

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