Alexander Schmorell re graffiti operation

At the end of January, Hans Scholl and I came up with the idea of reinforcing our treasonous propaganda by painting “Down with Hitler!” and “Freedom!” [Note 1]. For this purpose, I prepared a template “Down with Hitler!” in my residence. I brought this to Scholl, so we could use it in the ensuing nights. I bought a can of tar-based paint at a specialty store (I believe it was Finster and Meissner) near the Hofbräuhaus. We took the green paint from Eickemair’s [sic] studio; he knows nothing about any of this. We were also able to take the paint brushes from the studio.

One night around the middle of February, we (Hans Scholl and I) went from Franz Josef Str. to the university building. I painted the inscription “Down with Hitler!” in several places about chest high, while Hans Scholl stood watch. From there, we took back roads to downtown until we reached the Viktualienmarkt [Note 2]. Along the way, I had randomly painted the inscription in various places. Also in those cases, Hans Scholl stood watch. Due to great weariness, and because it was gradually getting light [Note 3], we cut short our graffiti activities and returned to Scholl’s residence. On the way, we passed the university building again. We could not resist adding the inscription “Freedom” (without stencil).


Note 1: He left out where or how. Grammatically, one would expect “painting on such and such a place”.

Note 2: Viktualienmarkt is a well-known, open-air farmers’ market near downtown Munich.

Note 3: This does not make sense, because according to statements made by Hans Scholl and Willi Graf, they stopped around 1 or 1:30 a.m. In Munich’s winter, it stays dark quite late.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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