Alexander Schmorell re Leaflet VI

Following the events in Stalingrad, Scholl and I saw new motivation to produce a leaflet. While Scholl was very depressed about the events in Stalingrad, I (as someone who cared about Russia) was downright [Note 1] happy about the newly created strategic situation for the Russians. Both of us set about writing and distributing the new leaflet [entitled] “Students” [Note 2].


Note 1: Since Alex used slang (“förmlich”), I chose to use a colloquialism as well in this translation.

Note 2: He used the more formal title (“Studentinnen, Studenten”), as opposed to the ‘Bavarian’ title they subsequently used, “Kommilitoninnen! Kommilitonen!”

General note: Professor Kurt Huber, and not Alexander Schmorell and Hans Scholl, wrote the sixth leaflet. Schmorell was still covering for Professor Huber at this point (February 25, 1943). However, it is very likely that both Schmorell and Scholl considered penning a leaflet after the defeat at Stalingrad.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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