Graffiti operation (indictment)

At the beginning of February 1943, Hans Scholl (together with Schmorell) painted such graffiti on several buildings in Munich using black tar-based paint. The places included the pillars of the university, the National Theater, the Ministry of Economics, and the Playhouse [Note 1]. …

The accused Sophie Scholl did not participate in the graffiti operation. Once she learned of it, of course she offered her services for subsequent activities. She even told her brother that it would be good camouflage for their activities if a woman were present.


Note 1: Theater.

General note: This part of the indictment reflects the inaccuracies that arose from the hurried prosecution of Christoph Probst and the Scholls. Here the prosecutor lumped all three events into a single occurrence.-Ed.


Source: February 21, 1943 indictment

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