Helmut and Heinz listen to “illegal” radio

[Freisler’s verdict with reasons:] For the sake of the security of the Reich, a verdict like this must show that when mature men [Note 1] with college educations, such as these two are, fail to report such activity, they will be sent to the penitentiary. The police cannot be everywhere. The national community is hereby advised that everyone who considers himself a respectable German will support the Party, the State, and the authorities. When he hears of such treasonous activities, he will report them.

In addition, both of them disobeyed the Führer and that disobedience must be punished. Although they knew that the Führer has forbidden it, they listened to foreign broadcasts about military and internal political events. They did this namely on several occasions when they were together in a ski hut on weekends. They tried to excuse this by saying that they merely wished to be advised regarding alleged student unrest in Munich. What a stupid excuse! A decent German does not get his news about such things from Radio Beromünster or London!


Note 1: Specifically the masculine, not Menschen which would indicate all people.


Source: Verdict with reason, second trial

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