Gisela observes graffiti

With regards to the graffiti, Hans Scholl told me that he and Willi Graf had painted it on several streets at night. I already knew what the graffiti said because of being at the university. [Note 1] That was on the day of the first time that it was painted.

I was accompanied at that time by Hans Scholl. He and I carefully contemplated the slogans “Down with Hitler” and “Freedom”. At that time, I did not know that Hans Scholl himself had painted the slogans. He also did not tell me that at that time. He contemplated the slogans favorably, and made me aware of the lettering.

On that occasion, I did not assume that Hans Scholl could have done that.


Note 1: Awkward wording in original: Anläßlich meines Aufenthaltes an der Universität.

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