Others at studio for Haecker reading

I actually never got to know Anneliese Graf well. I saw her only twice in Eickemeyer’s studio. From her conversations with Hans Scholl, I could not tell whether they had a close relationship [Note 1]. But I do not think that she had any connection to the matter.

I saw Furtwängler – medical student in Munich, probably 1st Student Company – in Eickemeyer’s studio probably three times. I believe that Hans Scholl had met him during his military time. Hans Scholl told me that they had been stationed in the field together in the same unit. I do not believe that Furtwängler knew Hans Scholl in any way other than socially. In any case, I could not tell whether he ever made any political statements.

The publisher Dr. Ellermann was only around Hans Scholl on the occasion of the reading by Theodor Haecker in Eickemeyer’s studio. I do not know how Hans Scholl knew him. I only knew that he was under consideration as publisher for the works of the artist Geyer. I do not know what else Hans Scholl could have wanted from him. I did not come into contact with him personally. I therefore could not know what his [political] attitudes were. Sophie Scholl, however, told me that he is politically fickle and that he always takes the side that is best for his business.

The writer Theodor Haecker was there only one evening. He read aloud from his book “Creator and Creation” in the larger circle. I learned that Haecker is a Catholic writer. Hans Scholl probably made Haecker’s acquaintance only because he knew that he championed the interest of the church. I believe that otherwise, they did not know one another well. I never saw Haecker with Scholl again.

The publisher [sic] from Aulendorf and the French teacher from the University of Munich were only present at Haecker’s reading. But the French teacher himself later gave a reading. [Note 2]


Note 1: Freundschaft. As in boyfriend-girlfriend. Likely that Gisela Schertling worried that Anneliese Graf was a rival.

Note 2: The other bookstore owner (not publisher) was Josef Rieck. Katharina Schüddekopf’s friend the French teacher was named Rousset.


Source: April 2, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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