Sophie Scholl’s observations re graffiti operation

When I arrived at the university on Thursday, February 4, 1943 around 10 am for Professor Huber’s lecture, I saw that the word “Freedom” had been painted twice on the right side of the entrance to the university in large letters.

In addition, I saw that in various places on the buildings up and down Ludwig Street had been covered up with white paper. In one place, passers-by had torn away one of these papers so that I could see that someone had used a template to write the words “Down with Hitler”, and next to it a swastika that was crossed out twice.

When I came home following the lecture, I told my brother what I had seen. My brother did not seem surprised at my news, accepted it merely as an interesting tidbit.

He asked me whether or not the inscription had been removed and what the reaction of the student body was to the inscription. I told my brother that numerous cleaning ladies were working at removing the inscription, but that they were having difficulty doing so.

With regards to the student body, I told him that several had called the inscription “disgusting”, while others had laughed about it.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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