Sophie Scholl’s request to participate with graffiti

Question: In conclusion of your now comprehensive interrogation I would pose the question to you, whether you would not perchance wish to make a statement of your own accord that could contribute to a better understanding of the matter, or of something that has not yet been clarified.

Answer: To this question I would like to state that after I had seen the inscription “Freedom” on the university on February 4, 1943, I got my brother alone on either February 5 or 6, 1943.

I asked him privately, “You did that, didn’t you?” By that I meant the painting of the word “Freedom”. He confirmed it, laughing. I do not recall whether he nodded his head or whether he answered my question with a “yes”.

I then advised my brother that he should take me along on subsequent graffiti operations so I could shield him from possible surprises. I mentioned that should we be caught off guard, we could continue walking [down the street] arm in arm so that we would not be conspicuous. He saw my point, but he did not agree to let me help, because he was of the opinion that such work was not suited for a girl.


Ed. note: Sophie Scholl left for Ulm the morning of February 5.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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