Crime lab report

The criminal labs of the police department of the city of Munich have been able to determine that the leaflets of the so-called “Resistance Movement” were all typed on the same typewriter. This expert opinion has allowed the fairly certain conclusion that the stencils for these leaflets were prepared on the same typewriter as those of the well-known leaflets of the so-called “White Rose” (see Vol. No. IV A 1 d – 3 247/42 in your files).

This determination has solidified the position that the perpetrator or perpetrators can be found in Munich or the surrounding areas.


Note: Assume that although they would have started same day they received Trenker’s February 5, 1943 memorandum, it would have taken them a little longer to come up with these results. Crime lab results likely triggered date of Schaefer’s memorandum.


Source: ZC13267, Schaefer’s February 11, 1943 memorandum

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