Gisela stays over

Occasionally it also happened that I was in [Hans] Scholl’s apartment alone. This was during the time that Sophie Scholl was in Ulm.

That week – Saturday February 6 to Sunday February 13 (sic) – I lived with Scholl nearly every day. During those days, I was in Hans Scholl’s room nearly every day, but never at night. Evenings till aboutmidnight, he was in my room, that is Sophie Scholl’s room. …

I must also deny that I ever saw or received a leaflet, also not on that occasion. I also cannot imagine where they stored the leaflets. I was in Hans Scholl’s room only to eat breakfast, lunch, and supper. My response to the remonstrance: I will admit that I slept in Hans Scholl’s room on one occasion, but not with him in his bed. On that occasion, Hans Scholl slept on the floor, where he had placed a mattress.


Source: March 31, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling


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