Search for the White Rose February 1943

The large-scale search undertaken subsequent to the telex dated February 5, 1943 with regards to the perpetrators of the distribution of leaflets has been unsuccessful. The search was carried out in the metropolitan area of Munich on February 4 [sic], 1943 with the participation of all available State Police and plain clothes detectives, including cooperation of the security police, train security personnel etc.

Seven reports have been filed in response to the advertisement that was placed in several newspapers in the metropolitan area, as well as in various towns in Upper Bavaria. The advertisement challenged the general populace to join in the search for the “violent criminal” by making them aware of the description of the perpetrator and by offering a reward of 1,000 Reichmarks [$8,000] [for his capture]. Of the seven reports, six persons have been eliminated as suspects without further ado. One Czech national who had been taken into custody due to one of these reports had to be released upon further examination. Three additional persons – two here and one in Freising – also had to be released once they were able to establish irrefutable alibis for the critical time in question. Besides, their physical appearance did not match the description given by the eyewitness.

All owners of local hotels, inns, boarding houses, etc., were also called to join in the cooperative search efforts. A circular letter was sent to them with the request to engage their entire staffs in the search.

Retrieval of hotel registrations for travelers passing through the city, information received from travel agencies, from publishers of telephone directories, and similar inquiries have failed to yield any leads.


Note: Assumption is that search started almost the minute various police departments received Trenker’s memorandum (via telex). Hence dating of February 6.


Source: ZC13267, Schaefer’s February 11, 1943 memorandum

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