Second Schertling visit to Carl Muth

I also know that Hans Scholl still had a close friendship [Note 1] with Professor Muth. But I never saw him in Scholl’s apartment or in Eickemeyer’s studio. Hans Scholl probably only visited him at his residence in Solln.

I myself was there, once with Sophie and once with Hans. Hans Scholl told me that Muth used to be politically active and that he was known as the publisher of a strongly Catholic magazine.

I myself could not tell much about his political orientation on those occasions, because he was only involved with his work and was otherwise very reserved.


Note 1: Freundschaft.

Editor’s note: Gisela visited Carl Muth on 12/19/1942, 2/6/1943, and 2/13/1943. Here she only mentions the December visit (Sophie) and one of the two February visits.


Source: April 2, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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