Alexander Schmorell re first meeting with Harnack

I know for a fact that Schertling was not present when we showed Harnack the leaflet. As is already known, that took place during the first meeting with Harnack. Schertling was in fact present in Scholl’s apartment during that [first] meeting, but she stayed in Sophie Scholl’s room.

I know that because when we noticed a noise coming from Sophie’s room, Harnack asked who else was in the apartment and whether the conversation we had been having could have been overheard by unauthorized persons. Hans Scholl said it was his girlfriend, but that she could not hear anything, because she was two rooms down.

During this conversation, Schertling certainly did not come into the room where we were having our conversation.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 30, 1943 interrogation

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