First meeting with Falk Harnack

[Gisela Schertling:] Now I can recall that for that [first] visit of Harnack, Schmorell and Harnack were already in the apartment when Hans Scholl and I arrived around 3 pm.

On the way there, Hans Scholl had already told me that Harnack would be waiting for him and that he [Note 1] actually should have been there earlier to receive them. But that it did not make a difference, because he would be coming with Schmorell, and Schmorell had a key to the apartment.

When we arrived, Schmorell and Harnack were already there and were already drinking tea.


Note 1: Gisela actually said “I”, but she is ‘quoting’ Hans Scholl.

Editor’s note: Gisela Schertling conflated the events of the meetings on February 8 and February 9. She relates the above as part of the February 8 meeting, and then continues with events that occurred on February 9. The subsequent narrative has been posted to February 9. (She was not present during the February 8 discussion, but rather spent the time in Sophie Scholl’s room.)


Source: Gisela Schertling’s interrogation dated March 29, 1943

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