First meeting with Falk Harnack (Willi Graf)

Question: When were you introduced to Harnack, what do you know about him, and what is your relationship to him?

Answer: The afternoon of either February 9 or 10, 1943, between 4 and 5 pm, I happened to  stop by Scholl’s apartment. At that time, a certain Harnack – around 30 years old – was present. He was introduced to me.

During the ensuing brief conversation, I learned that he had studied economics in Munich earlier. A few minutes after my arrival, a lady (whose name I do not know) appeared to pick up Harnack.


Editor’s note: The “lady” was Lilo Ramdohr. – Also, Willi’s testimony here contributes enormously to the confusion over when which meeting took place.


Source: Sixth interrogation of Willi Graf, March 1, 1943

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