First meeting with Falk Harnack

At that meeting, we (Hans Scholl, Harnak [sic, throughout], and I) discussed the ways and means by which one could overthrow Hitler and strive for and usher in a socialist form of government.

We let Harnak read our leaflet “Resistance Movement in Germany”. Harnak thought the content was good. We also told Harnak that we were the publishers and distributors of this leaflet and that we intended to publish a new leaflet soon.

Harnak made his train of thought very clear, that something else must arise in place of Hitler. He also agreed that in order to overthrow Hitler, it would be necessary to win over the masses of the nation. Harnak did not tell us in what matter he wished to contribute to the revolution as a soldier.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 1, 1943 interrogation

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