First meeting with Harnack (Schmorell)

Since that was not possible [Note 1], after we finished eating we went to Scholl’s residence, where we did in fact meet him. After lunch, Mrs. Berndl returned to her studies as a dancer; she came to Scholl’s residence later to pick up Harnack. We continued our conversation in Scholl’s residence.

Willy Graf joined us later.

During the course of the conversation, we showed Harnack the leaflet “Call to All Germans” and in so doing, told him that we had produced it and that we had sent these leaflets to a particular circle of people. Harnack thought the content of the leaflet was good.

At this meeting as well, Harnack showed himself to be a Socialist and not completely in agreement with the current form of government. We did not develop a plan to overthrow the current form of government at that time.


Note 1: Reaching Hans Scholl by telephone.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 11, 1943 interrogation

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