Freisler’s comments on Leaflet VI

He [Kurt Huber] edited a seditious leaflet of the “Resistance Movement”, and he himself wrote another one entitled “Students”.

To be sure, there was one sentence he had inserted that he badly wanted to keep in the leaflet. In that sentence, he challenged the student body to make themselves fully available to the armed forces. But the insertion of that single sentence in no way excuses him, because he tried to turn the armed forces against the Führer and the NSDAP. This leaflet vilified them most despicably and called for opposition to them!

The fact that the condemned students wished to strike this sentence against his will in no way excuses him. He who calls on the armed forces to go up against National Socialism, that person wishes to rob it of its strength. For it [Note 12] is based on the National Socialist ideology of our soldiers. That is the basis of the invincibility of our National Socialist Revolutionary Army!

Source: Verdict with reasons, second trial

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