Second graffiti campaign

On February 8, 1943, Schmorell and I left my apartment at about 11:30 pm. We intended to refresh the graffiti at the university. We used green oil-based paint to paint graffiti on the university in several places, namely using the template that you already know about.

In addition, I wrote the word “Freedom” on the wall five times and on the outside staircase [Note 1]. I also did not use a template on this occasion. Schmorell watched me do this. We did not paint anything else in any other place on this night.

My sister Sofie Scholl knew nothing about the operation on this night as well, since we did not take her into our confidence. I did not wish to burden [Note 2] her with this matter.

… The “Down with Hitler” graffiti that was discovered on February 8, 1943 on the premises of Herzog-Spital Street 15 probably was done by Schmorell and me, but if so, most certainly on the night of February 3/4, 1943. I remember precisely that we were on Herzog-Spital Street that night, but not the night of February 7/8 (sic), 1943.

The night of February 7/8 (sic), 1943 was a brightly moonlit night, so that if any guards had been posted at the building opposite [where we painted], we would have been observed.


Editor’s note: They painted the graffiti the night of February 8/9, 1943.


Note 1: Freitreppe can also mean front steps.

Note 2: Not merely in the sense of “bother”, but also to make her an accomplice.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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