Alexander Schmorell re production of sixth leaflet

I typed the “Students” leaflet on the Remington typewriter in Scholl’s residence. Scholl and I jointly wrote the text, compared our drafts, and determined that the content was suitable for our cause.

After we had duplicated about 50 copies of this leaflet, technical difficulties arose with the duplication process. The stencil was a little too long for the absorbent paper that was available to us. To make our work easier, I typed the text of this leaflet onto a new stencil and chose the title “Fellow Students” [Note 1]. This revision has no particular meaning. Scholl and I simply thought that it was more appropriate.

Scholl, Willi Graf, and I undertook the duplication of this leaflet. Before we asked Willi Graf to help us, we allowed him to read the text of the leaflet and finally asked him if he would like to assist in its duplication. I expressly state that Graf had nothing to do with the composition of this leaflet. He therefore did not collaborate in any manner. We also did not issue a particular invitation to Graf. To my knowledge, he coincidentally came by one day (as he often had done) to talk to us. I cannot recall that Graf objected to anything in the leaflet we had prepared. On the contrary, he came around to our way of thinking as he helped us duplicate these leaflets.

I believe I can state with a clear conscience that we produced around 3,000 copies of this leaflet. We began duplicating these leaflets several days before February 16, 1943, sometime in the afternoon. We finished the work around evening. As long as I was present during the duplication [process], Willi Graf and Scholl himself were also present in Scholl’s room. I cannot say whether Sofie Scholl also helped, because I left around evening. At that time, Hans Scholl and Willi Graf were still working. It is possible that Sofie Scholl participated after I left.

I did not see Willi Graf’s sister in the Scholl siblings’ residence that afternoon. Miss Graf assuredly had nothing to do with the production and distribution of our leaflets. Also Scholl’s lover, named Gisela Schertling, had nothing to do with our cause.


Note 1: This is the more localized version, i.e. “Kommilitoninnen! Kommilitonen!”

General note: The production process began on February 10, 1943 and continued through February 12, 1943. On February 16, 1943, they generated a few more that were distributed solely in Munich. This post therefore covers production and distribution activities from February 10 – 12, 1943. February 16 is covered separately.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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