Alexander Schmorell re second meeting with Harnack

When Schertling states that she took part in a discussion in the presence of Harnack, then this certainly was the second discussion with Harnack. …

During the second visit during which Schertling was present, as far as I know we only talked along general political lines. It is possible that on that occasion, Harnack said he thought many political questions should be resolved the same way they had been resolved in Russia. I told Harnack that he had to see the consequences of those actions in Russia. But we certainly did not discuss our illegal activity during this conversation.

The third and last time – this was the day that Prof. Huber was there – Schertling certainly was not present.


Editor’s note: The waters are muddied even more.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 30, 1943 interrogation

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