Alexander Schmorell’s political views

To the question as to which political stream I adhere to, or rather what I think of National Socialism, I will admit without hesitation that I cannot identify myself as a National Socialist, because I am more interested in Russia. I readily acknowledge my love for Russia. In contrast, I reject Bolshevism.

My mother was Russian, I was born there, and I cannot help but care about this country. I openly identify as a monarchist. But this applies to Russia, not to Germany. Whenever I speak about Russia, I do not mean to glorify or describe myself as an adherent of Bolshevism; rather I am solely thinking about the Russian people [Note 1] and Russia itself.

For this reason, the war between Germany and Russia causes me deep sorrow. I would therefore be happy to see this war come to a speedy end, however possible. I will also not hide the fact that I would be sorry if Russia had to give up too much land because of this war. This attitude may sound a little odd, but I ask that it be taken into account that my mother was Russian and that I apparently inherited a great deal from her.


Note 1: Volk.

General note: Although Alexander Schmorell was talking about his basic political viewpoints in this part of his February 25, 1943 interrogation (that is, not about a specific event), I have “dated” it February 9, 1943. We know that the Harnack-Huber-Scholl-Schmorell-Graf meeting on that date was especially contentious, and that they talked about their various political views.

Therefore to better understand the heated debate, I have put all political statements made to the Gestapo in the database as of that date. This should help us better comprehend their various lines in the sand.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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