Eickemeyer re politics

Hans Scholl definitely was not a disciple of National Socialism. I could see in him clear antagonism to National Socialist ideology, but I never could see that he was thinking about ways to overthrow the National Socialist government or eliminate its leaders. He had a very impassioned manner of speaking and championed decidedly Protestant [religious] views. I never would have believed him capable of treasonous activities punishable by death.

I knew his sister Sophie Scholl as a very quiet student [Note 1]. I could see that religion was a particular problem for her. She is the last person I would ever have suspected of treasonous activity. …

With regards to the two medical students Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf I cannot make any judgments about their political viewpoints. I believe Schmorell is half-Russian. Christoph Probst made a good impression on me. I never would have believed him capable of treasonous activities punishable by death. …

As long as I met with Hans Scholl, he never mentioned one word of this to me; he never said that he and his sister were considering ways to overthrow the current regime.

I can only recall that he once said to me that he would like to see the same kind of government [here] as they have in Switzerland [federalism]. This statement alone was enough to convince me that Scholl’s views were childish and youthful.


Note 1: Studentin, not Schülerin. In other words, he did not insult her status.


Source: Second interrogation of Manfred Eickemeyer, April 7, 1943

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