Falk Harnack re Gisela Schertling

I can recall that during a discussion with Hans Scholl, a ‘Fräulein’ took part. She was introduced to me, but her name escapes me. I assumed that this was someone whom Hans Scholl knew well.

During my previous interrogations, I assumed it was Scholl’s sister, because I had been told that he lived with his sister. However, once she has been described to me, it must have been this Gisela Schertling.

I no longer know whether she was present at the first or second or any other discussion. In any case, I do know that I was not shown a leaflet in her presence. I also do not know what direction our discussion took in her presence.

As I recall, Schmorell had told me about their illegal activities before Scholl and Schertling arrived, for example about the graffiti and leaflet distribution. I can no longer recall whether Scholl or Schmorell steered the conversation to the topic of this illegal activity in Schertling’s presence.

Schertling took part in our conversation without any interest. She would leave now and then to get tea.

To the remonstrance that in the presence of Schertling, Hans Scholl gave me a document with a speech by an English writer about the ceasefire with France, I must remark that I refused to accept this document because I did not have time to read it. I was not told about the content, origin or content source of this document.

Schmorell showed me the leaflet of the resistance movement in Germany. As I recall, after he showed it to me, he took it back and put it in [his pocket]. I only saw that single copy. Schertling did not see it in my presence.


Source: Falk Harnack statement re Gisela Schertling, March 30, 1943

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