Freisler’s view of Huber’s politics

But the accused Huber did exactly the opposite! He increased their misgivings instead of stifling them; he gave speeches about the necessity of federalism and multi-party democracies for Germany, instead of teaching and exemplifying iron-willed National Socialism. In a time in which it was more important to strap on the sword instead of tackling problems, he sowed doubt among our youth. …

He participated in meetings, edited the leaflet “to all Germans” of the resistance movement, and delivered the draft of the leaflet “Students” himself (see above). During the meetings, he made known his “political” thoughts in the sense of the necessity of federalism of the allegedly “southern German democracy” in contrast to the allegedly Prussian-Bolshevist wing of National Socialism. He therefore strengthened the students in their high treason.


Source: Verdict with reasons, second trial

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