Gisela Schertling: Preparing for the Huber-Harnack meeting

The next day when I came out of Prof. Huber’s lecture, I saw Scholl and Schmorell in front of the university. They then met with Harnack. Harnack then immediately took his leave. Scholl and I went to the city to eat lunch, while Schmorell went to a restaurant alone where he allegedly wanted to meet up with a Russian woman. [Note 1]

When Hans Scholl and I were visiting Prof. Muth the next day, he told me that he had a meeting with Harnack the next day, and that Prof. Huber was invited. I must take back this statement. It was not on that occasion, but rather when we attended one of Prof. Huber’s lectures together, that he told me about the intended meeting with Harnack.

When Hans Scholl and I left the lecture that day, Willi Graf was already waiting for us. …

I cannot recall that Prof. Huber was introduced to Harnack upon leaving the lecture, or that we all went to [Hans] Scholl’s apartment together.


Note 1: Gisela Schertling conflates the meeting with Huber and Harnack with a multitude of other events. For example, the visit with Carl Muth took place on February 13, 1943, long after Falk Harnack had left Munich.

What actually took place becomes clearer the more ‘testimonies’ about the event are layered on.


Source: Continuation of Gisela Schertling’s March 29, 1943 interrogation

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