Gisela Schertling re political discussion

The conversation that followed was completely about politics and economics. On that occasion, Harnack was the chief spokesman. He mainly talked about general economic-political issues and particularly about questions of labor. He talked about the nationalization of industry. He thought that would create a correct social balance for the worker.

I could not say what all they said about the military or political situation. Since Harnack championed fairly Communist ideas, Schmorell countered him by saying that he should see the conditions that had brought about in Russia.

I believe I can recall that before that, Harnack had championed a total socialization of all means of production according to the Russian example. I could not exactly say whether he actually said “according to the Russian example”. I could only tell that he championed Russian economic methodology, such as the nationalization of industry and of means of production.


Source: Gisela Schertling’s interrogation dated March 29, 1943

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