Gisela Schertling re the Scholls’ political views

Both Scholls are very religious [Note 1] and frequently told me that our current theory of life needs renewal, and that Christian movements needed to be propagated. Scholl primarily stressed that another era must come in which there was more freedom in the fields of art and literature.

Both of them were primarily critical of the fact that the Führer allows the church so little freedom and that he does not permit the cultural movements that emanate from it [the church] to grow to maturity. They also often said that they believed that democracy must once again come [to Germany].

I argued these political matters vehemently with Scholl, because I was largely of the opposite point of view.


Note 1: Klerikal. Literally clerical. Note that the “church” arguments were solely related to culture and literature, not theology.


Source: Initial interrogation of Gisela Schertling, February 18, 1943

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