Hans Scholl initial story re production of Leaflet 6

Sometime around February 10, our defeat in the East became known. As a result, the mood among the student body worsened. I got the idea to do justice in this situation [Note 1] by publishing a new leaflet. I wrote a draft entitled “Students!” and ran off about 200 copies of it. I did this with the same duplicating machine in my apartment. I was able to do so without my sister’s knowledge, because she was away that week.

After I had run off about 200 copies of this first leaflet “Students!”, the stencil tore. In order not to be prevented from leaflet production, I decided to retype the entire text with one variation: I chose the title “Fellow Students!” I made about 2000 copies of this text.

When I finished, I stuck around 800 leaflets ([printed] on white and other colors) in envelopes and addressed these using a student directory from the Winter Semester 1941/1942. I then went to the post office on Leopold Street (City Code 23) and bought 1200 8-Pfennig postage stamps all at the same time. A postal clerk who had a moustache and who wore a Party pin waited on me.

I put these stamps onto the letters I had addressed and took them to the post office. I mailed them from the post offices on Veterinär Str., at the main post office, at the post office on Kaufinger Street, and at the telegraph office in the main train station. I mailed the letters at different post offices because I did not wish to attract any special notice at any one of these post offices, and I also did not wish to do anything that would hinder the letters from being processed.

No matter what, I continue to maintain that no one helped me produce or mail these leaflets. This is the case because I operated under the assumption that it was safest [for me] if third parties were not taken into [my] confidence. I burned both stencils once I finished with the duplication [of the leaflets]….

I sent one to myself and was notified [of delivery] before by at least Schmorell and Graf…


Note 1: In the sense of making it right.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

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