Huber’s political views

I can say the following about Professor Huber’s political views: He is a great Nationalist. He regards bolshevism as the destroyer of European culture. He holds strong anti-Semitic views.

I subsequently met up with Prof. Huber on several occasions. Our conversations primarily revolved around the following topic: How can a new Universalism arise out of the chaos of scientific specialization? The materialistic Natural Sciences of the past century no longer suffice us today.

A longing to find the true basis for things rises up in revolt of all that materialism – a materialism that undoubtedly finds its reason for existence within the Natural Sciences. There is therefore a demand for metaphysics.

I myself view medicine as the way to approach these pressing issues, because spirit and substance come together in a single object, namely mankind. Prof. Huber is likewise of the opinion that philosophy and Natural Sciences must be reunified.

Regarding the religious views of Prof. Huber, I can only say that he sharply criticizes the conduct of the Catholic Church and represents the point of view that strict separation of church and state is necessary. I have not received any sort of financial support from Prof. Huber. Prof. Huber certainly knew nothing of my political views and activities.


Editor’s note: Included here to clarify Huber’s (and Scholl’s) political and religious positions during the February 9 debate.


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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