Robert Scholl’s political views

As far as I know, my father had no party affiliation before the ascension to power. However, I do know that he has democratic leanings, that is, he is of the opinion that a nation should be governed democratically if they are mature enough for that form of government.

If I understand my father’s political thought processes correctly, he has a vague notion of a democratic form of government with specific powers. It is likely for this reason that my father opposes National Socialism as such, or rather holds views that are against those of the current regime.

Here I would specifically like to mention that my father never tried to influence us (children) with regards to our upbringing in a democratic sense.


Note: Note Sophie Scholl’s qualifiers – especially “as such” and “vague notion”. These will make more sense once juxtaposed with Otl Aicher’s view of Robert Scholl as anarchist. – Ed.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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