Second meeting with Falk Harnack (Schmorell)

Once we were all together in Scholl’s residence, the first things we discussed were general political topics. That was followed by an exchange of ideas between Prof. Huber and Dr. Harnack.

During that conversation, Harnack championed the socialist form [of government] (nationalization of large-scale business). Prof. Huber tended to more democratic views. It is possible that Harnack occasionally championed Communistic ideas that Prof. Huber rebuffed. In this matter, Harnack referred to a book by Stalin.

This conversation eventually made the impression on us that both men preferred a democratic form of government. I believe I have already mentioned once before that Harnack was not in agreement with the National Socialist form of government or rather that he had said so at some point.

Also during this conversation, we did not reach any agreement regarding the manner and method in which Harnack would participate in anything seditious. Harnack also said nothing to the topic of how we could work together as opponents of National Socialism. We ended the conversation between 1 pm and 2 pm so we could finally eat lunch.

To the question as to whether during that conversation in Scholl’s residence, Harnack championed the idea of a total socialization of all means of productions according to the Russian example, I could not answer completely in the affirmative. I can recall namely that now and then Harnack would say that he did not like this or that action of the Soviet Union. I cannot recall that Prof. Huber warned us that we should not get together with Harnack in future. Perhaps Prof. Huber said something like that to Scholl alone.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 11, 1943 interrogation

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