Sixth leaflet, additional comments by Harder

Yesterday’s expert analysis, page 6, 2nd paragraph: I determined that the appeals did not have the tone of an embittered loner. In E 46, this is explicitly expressed. In addition, the author perceives himself to be surrounded by like-minded people (E 23; F 10) and – as in B – complains about their indifference ( C 3 ff., D 5 ff.).

Clearly some other post, perhaps abroad, has taken notice of him due to the first series of leaflets and exerts influence over him [now]. Therefore his demeanor is now stronger and unerring in reaching its goals (at least as far as he has goals). This intensifies then in the last leaflet (B) by means of a very clever co-opting of recent events in the politics of the university.


Source: ZC13267, Harder’s memorandum dated February 18, 1943

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