Sophie Scholl’s view of Schmorell and Russia

I would like to add that Schmorell’s father is a German-Russian and that his mother was Russian (the latter is already deceased).

Before the outbreak of war against Soviet Russia, Schmorell was completely disinterested in politics. It was only later, that is after the beginning of hostilities against Russia that he began to take an interest in the course of the war, especially for militaristic events.

Schmorell loves Russia deeply, although his parents were forced to flee Russia in those days and immigrated to Germany. They obtained German citizenship, which the Schmorell son also possesses.

Although he is an absolute opponent of Bolshevism with every fiber of his being, he still nurses strong feelings for his Fatherland, which makes him politically insecure.

During the initial conversations with Schmorell, he raised various objections to our plans in that he pointed out that all this would happen by itself and did not require our input. Schmorell did finally agree to help us realize our plans. But that is largely because he does not think soberly enough about political matters and is easily enthused.


Source: Second interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 19, 1943

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