Sophie Scholl’s view of Willi Graf’s politics

It is correct to say that we (my brother and I) talked freely with Graf about current events or political and military situations. Graf largely shared our opinion that we could not win the war and that the current form of government must be and would be changed once it was overthrown.

We also discussed general questions, now and then interspersed with political, philosophical, or theological questions. I remember that once we thoroughly discussed the question as to whether the Christian and National Socialist ideologies could ever be reconciled. After a longer debate, we finally mutually agreed that the Christian person [Note 1] was more accountable to God than to the State.

Another time, we (my brother, Graf, and I) we argued the question – this debate emanated from current events with regards to the war – as to whether a Christian person who is bound by the laws of God may kill, as is expected of soldiers at the front. We came to the conclusion that even a Christian person may kill in a battle against an enemy, because the fighter is not responsible for his actions as an individual. He is merely acting as a dependent member of a superior power.

We discussed these and similar topics frequently with Graf. I could tell through these conversations that he was generally in agreement with our opinions.


Note 1: Interesting that she chose to say der christliche Mensch instead of the shorter, more usual der Christ.


Source: Third interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 20, 1943

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