Start of Huber-Harnack meeting

When Hans Scholl and I left the lecture that day, Willi Graf was already waiting for us. We met Schmorell and Harnack waiting for us in front of the apartment. As far as I know, Prof. Huber arrived about 15 minutes later.

… The conversation during that day’s meeting lasted from about 12 to 2 pm. I was not invited to that discussion, nor did I take part. I stayed in Hans Scholl’s room the whole time, while the conversation took place in Sophie Scholl’s room. Hans Scholl never told me about the purpose or the results of that discussion.


Editor’s note: Again, Gisela Schertling reverses the events of February 8 and February 9. She was in fact present during the February 9 meeting with Kurt Huber, when they discussed politics.


Source: Continuation of Gisela Schertling’s March 29, 1943 interrogation

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